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Beware! Wrong Sunday to be surfing the net

Some random vents/rants:

1) Just because I say I don't really like a character, it doesn't mean I HATE then. It's not character bashing just stating a fact. If I continue to say how much it displease me and giving reasons for so (specially mean reasons, like "she's a bitch"), I may be bashing/showing hate. Just to be clear.
I know the fandom is full of hate and everyone is a little bit high strung there about their favorite characters, but really...

(All I said was I loved the character first season and hated what the writers were doing with her on the second season... geez)

2) PSD user, really? One thing that really bothers me with graphic makers these days! Someone is introduced to you as being an amazing graphic maker and you see some previous of his/her and you really are impressed by the coloring and all... just to find out that he/she uses .psd files shared on tumblr/lj. oO I understand that .psd files are an amazing tool to learn how to do some things, but if you actually spent the time LEARNING about curves and levels and colors (instead of searching for that .pds and just applying them on your images), THEN I would be more willing to be impressed by your skills...

3) I HATE RL RIGHT NOW! I need to stay away from computer so I can actually get things done today =(

*sorry for my bitchy mood*
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