haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Glee season finale! <3

Following the cut, random and short thoughts during today's Glee episode!


Finchel. Really, I used to like them together. But I'm proud of Rachel saying no, now.

Kurt&Rachel duet!!!
I love their friendship this season! Perfect duet for they to sing on the finalle! <3<3<3

Rachel talk with Sunshine was cool. Rachel has grown so much this season.

The kiss was... weird. Did anyone else feel that? Awkward!

BLAINE!! The L word!! (though Kurt's response worried me a little. I want to re-watch the scene without the live streaming lag!)

Sam/Mercedes!! <3 (My Kurt/Sam heart is crying, but omg! I'm so happy for Mercedes!)

Now the library kiss was cute.


In one word: LOVE!!! <3

Now bring the fanfics (and So You Think You Can Dance! <3)
Tags: glee, meta
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