haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Mafia history

I'm writing a mafia fic for gleeverse, featuring Kurt and Annie: mafia's BFF! And I hit this writer's block... So what do I do? I go looking for some mafia inspiration, reading some of our RP's, the first time they talked, my mafia log (where I kept some random info of all the games I've played.

And I was bored enough to do a countdown of roles I've had so far. I've played 27 games total, 3 with no roles (RP or task games).

Roles Breakdown:
6x vanilla innocent
5x assassin
4x mason
2x Seer
1x Judas
1x nexus
1x nurse
1x benefactor
1x Prom Queen

Especial game roles:
1x head zombie (Zombie game at ESP)
1x Godfather (Family Feud game)

Random Trivia:
I've been an assassin outside stargate comms only once.
I've been mason outside jjmafia only once.
I've never survived more than 24 hours as a seer (one game was a speedy game that lasted only a couple of hours anyway).
Tags: mafia
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