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Fic: Quiet

I'm getting a little more confident with this whole porn thing...

Title: Quiet
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Hide
Summary: They were supposed to be hiding. But it was hard to keep quiet when Kakashi was doing that to him...
Author note: Written for Oxoniensis' Porn Battle VII being held till September 1st. Come and join the fun!

By the way, I suck at endings... Need a beta reader...

They were supposed to be hiding. The hole in the base of the tree gave them shelter, and the deformed huge roots, combined with the fallen foliage concealed them of anyone looking for them. But they still could be heard. That was the thought that crossed Iruka’s mind when he heard himself gasp.

“Kakashi. What are you doing?” He whispered, trying to gain some space away from the copy-nin, which was particular difficult in the cramped space they were in. He managed to press himself further into the tree, feeling the rough barks picking uncomfortable on his back.

“Shhh, sensei. It won’t be good if they hear us now, would it?” He could practically see the smirk behind the mask while Kakashi resumed his former position, leaning forward, his hands on Iruka’s thighs. This time Iruka managed to flinch without making a sound.

“Maybe it’s not the best time for doing this then.” He said, through gritted teeth, as Kakashi’s hands moved slowly and brought his face closer to his ears.

“Why sensei…” the voice was almost a purr, direct in his ears, the lips brushing lightly on his earlobes, sending shiver through his body. Iruka could fell himself reacting instantly, a blush tinting his face. “I thought you were enjoining this.” And to punctuate the words, hands reached the bulge in front of Iruka’s pants.

The jounin could always surprise him, and there was no denying how much he loved to feel those hands and those lips anywhere in his body. Yes, he was enjoining it, and that was exactly why it was getting dangerous. He bit his lips to suppress a moan when Kakashi’s nimble hands started to loose his pants. “They will hear us.” He practically moaned when Kakashi released his full erection from the constricted pants.

“You should try to be quiet then” was the only reply the copy-nin gave before working his hand around the hard cock and his lips on the exposed flesh beneath the earlobe.

Easier said than done, Iruka thought closing his eyes and biting harder on his lips. Specially when all he could feel was the slick movement of that hand, up and down his erection, and soft lips sucking not so gently on the thin skin of his neck.

“Aaah.” He let it slip, when the hand gave a little squeeze at the right moment. He opened his eyes, almost apologetic. It was getting harder, in more ways than one, to keep quiet. This was insane.

“If you can’t keep quiet, you give me no other choice.” Kakashi said seriously, and for a moment Iruka was afraid that the jounin would stop what he was doing. But then he felt the gloved hand cover his mouth while increasing the pace of his other hand.

Iruka was starting to pant, his head getting lighter. Kakashi was looking Iruka now, eye focused on every detail. The pink tinting the scar crossing his face, his body arching up with every pump of his hands, the hands clenching the dirt beneath them, as if to keep him grounded, sane. He knew the sighs that indicated how close Iruka was to coming.

Kakashi leaned in again to whisper three little words on Iruka’s ear.

“Let it go.”

And it was enough to send Iruka over the edge. He felt the chunin tensing beneath him before the hot liquid coated his hands.

Iruka was finishing tying his pants while Kakashi wiped himself up when he sensed someone just outside the hidden entrance. Neither of them had much time to reaction before leafs were scattered and a bright voice was heard screaming.

“I found you, Iruka-sens…” the voice died at the boy’s lips when he looked at Kakashi, leaning on top of Iruka. His sensei flushing bright red.

“Pervert-sensei!” He growled, loud and angry. “You know the rules! You were supposed to hide alone!”

Kakashi sat up, hands moving to the back of his head. “Maa, sorry, I forgot.”

Naruto was already turning away from them, while Iruka hide his face on his hands, not wanting to see the grin beneath the masked nin. “Yeah…” he murmured, but couldn’t suppress the small smile on his lips. “That was what you said the last time…”
Tags: fanfic, kakairu, nc-17
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