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Some inputs about heroes season 3

Just finished the first 5 episodes today. God, I've missed the show and I never knew. I was afraid because of what I've read in the mid-season and I thought they were ruining everything. Specially when I hear my friends talking so bad about the second and third season non-stop...

But this is fun. I'm intrigued, not hating every character (well, there is always Claire, I can't help it). The Nic/Barbara?/Tracy thing was a little over the top for me, as a bunch of other stuffs. Too many chars still. And too litle Matt so far. But in the long run, I'm enjoying it. I'm hooked again.

I'm loving Sylar. And Mohinder. And for the first time since I joined the fandom, I can say I succumbed to the greatness of the pair. And they didn't even had a scene together yet this season.

I'm not denying my OTP. Matt/Mohinder will live forever with me. But I can't help if Sylar did become one of my favorite chars this season... I really need more Matt...

This is like a drug. 2 am and I want to see another episode. Just one more and I'll be okay... yeah, right...
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