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08 May 2008 @ 03:10 am
Strange thing about my writer's block  
It's so weird I can't finish anything I started writing in English... and it's weirder that I can't start anything in Portuguese. So I have a few pointless drabbles and one hand full of ideas that I wrote in two languages or never finished...

I think I'm crazy, or I have some strange writer's disease that makes me incapable of writing anything for too long... after a few minutes my mind starts doing language summersauts.

At least I think I'm capable of writing the song meme. At least I know my mind is capable of it. I'll just have to stop reading all those fanfics to be able to write anything for my own... God. Why I can't write in a more normal hour, instead of 3:00 am?

:Losing my mind:
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