haruechan (haruechan) wrote,

Bucky Barnes Mafia journal

((For this game over here))

Met a bunch of new people. Gotta see what they are capable of.

First recon:

Missy - Alien? Manipulative. Not to be trusted.
Raven - Mechanic. Seen some battles herself. Tough and smart. Leg might be a problem during a fight. Protect if necessary.
Kenzi - Civilian with contacts with strange creatures. Smart and might know how to hold herself in a fight.
Poe Dameron - Pilot. Soldier. Nice to keep around.
Jack - Civilian. Scholar. Protect.
Vala - Alien. Charming. Contacts with military organization. Might know how to hold herself in a fight.
Eliot - NOT CIVILIAN. Knows about Red Room. Keep an eye on him.
Wynonna - Civilian. Has a gun, shot demons with it. Seems resourceful.
Leonardo - Artist. Steve would like him. Protect.
Cole - Strange. Seems powerful and out of this world. Seems capable.
Captain Janeway - Experienced leader. Seems capable and resourceful.
Norma Bates - Civilian. Mother of 2. Protect.
Vince - Artist. Talk with animals. Might have useful skills. Seems easily manipulated. KEEP HIM AWAY FROM MISSY.
Natalia - Black Widow. Can take care of herself.
Parker - Thief. Apparently can take care of herself. Possibly likes to torture people. Beware.
Karen Walker - Civilian. Drunk. Even so, protect.
Sterling - Interpol (???). Seems capable. Knows about Eliot and Parker.
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