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Some inputs about Torchwood Season 3 - COE

I don't even know where to start my rantings. The season was amazing... the down side was it was too short a season for my liking. Of course, the downer side was Ianto's death... but storywise, it was necessary. I loved to see a lot more of Ianto's background, and his relationship with Jack. And too see how damaged Jack become after losing Ianto.... I mean, Jack's morals weren't the best, ever, but this was over the top.

I'm curious too see Jack on next season. Sad because there won't be any Ianto, but I believe that RTD can work this out. I just hope he doesn't kill Rhys and have Gwen and Jack together... That would be a nightmare. I mean, Janto is ruined for us, but don't spoil Rhys/Gewn... EVER!

As alway, I'm glad the fandom can keep the boys together... for a while, at least... but disapointed with the angry words toward RTD right now.

Yeah, I'm grieving right now, and re-post something I've writen outside LJ:

It's the end of Torchwood as we know it and the fans are grieving. Know the whole process?

Denial: Ianto can't be dead, this is an AU universe, like the fanfics we write/read.
Anger: Fu-- RTD and this stupid show... I'll never watch it again! How could he do this to us???
Bargaining: The stage of the good side of the fandom, with the campaigns to save Ianto Jones, reasoning our way into this whole mess...
Depression: I am depressed with losing my favorite chars in two shows right now... and making my way to the final stage,
Acceptance: where we will continue to watch the show (and others RTD's works), because it's great...

The whole purpose of a show is to bring something great to the viewers, and bring them to the show. Mission accomplished in all RTD's works. Those shows and characters grow in us. And when the end comes, we grieve. It's natural. I understand fans being angry as part of the process. And I believe that RTD understand how much the fans are moved by his shows.

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